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Local, experienced, family-run law firm for all your family law needs, based out of Batavia, Illinois.

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About the Attorney

Attorney Christina ("Chrissie") White knows family law. For nearly ten years, she has skillfully and compassionately assisted clients as they navigate their family law matters in Chicago and the western suburbs.

Chrissie knows firsthand the toll the COVID-19 pandemic took on families in her community, especially those with young children.

With a mind for conflict resolution, Chrissie will encourage settlement at various stages in a divorce to keep costs down and to mitigate the emotional toll of family court litigation, while simultaneously preparing for trial from day one. While the majority of family law disputes will resolve in a settlement, sometimes it's necessary for the court to determine the outcome, which requires strong advocacy and skillful lawyering. Chrissie maintains professionalism, respect with all judges and their staff, and thoughtful preparation for court every step of the way in her clients' matters.

One thing Chrissie has that many of her peers do not: perspective. In her experience as a divorced parent of young children, she has found solutions to common problems her clients face, and she shares them candidly when her clients need a fresh perspective. Looking back on the process of negotiating the terms of her own divorce and protecting her children's best interests, she sees power in court preparation and due diligence and finds peace in knowing she put her children first, without putting herself last.

She's happy to share that her experience of co-parenting, while certainly not perfect, has been mostly positive, collaborative, and respectful. Most of all, her kids are happy, healthy, and loved by both parents infinitely.

Chrissie is Chair of the New Lawyers Committee of the Kane County Bar Association, a member of the Board of Shining Stars for Fox Valley Special Recreation Association, and an active member of Kiwanis International of St. Charles.

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Parenting Time

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Child Support

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Temporary Relief

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Allocation of Assets

and Liabilities

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Children are at the heart of what I do.

I understand. I've been there. I know you're worried about what's next for your kids. That's why I'm here.

If you aren't careful, the process of litigating your family law matter can be traumatic, not only for you, but for your children. Whatever you do, keep in mind the importance of facilitating a positive relationship between your children and your co-parent, avoid discussing court with your children, and never speak ill of your co-parent in front of your children.

For a free consultation, call me today. I'll listen. I'll be there for you, and I'll help get you through it.

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Batavia, Illinois 60510

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